Our Five-Star Rating™ from BauerFinancial, Inc.

BauerFinancial, Inc. has been analyzing and rating U. S. banks since 1983. BauerFinancial, Inc. ratings are unbiased and independent.  No bank can pay for a rating nor can any bank choose to be excluded from their ratings.  BauerFinancial, Inc. obtains their data from U. S. governmental regulatory agencies.  The reporting data is required of banks on a quarterly basis, therefore, each bank receives an updated star-rating™ from BauerFinancial, Inc. each and every quarter.  BauerFinancial, Inc. recommends all Five-Star and Four-Star Banks “Because peace of mind matters.”

Community First Bank remains safe, sound and solid.  We are very proud to earn the “Superior” Five-Star rating™ from BauerFinancial, Inc. We believe this rating exhibits our sound condition and our strong capital position.


Superior (These institutions are on BauerFinancial's Recommended Report.)
Excellent (These institutions are also on BauerFinancial's Recommended Report.)
ZERO Zero-Stars is our lowest star rating. These institutions are included on our Troubled & Problematic Report and are facing considerable challenges at this time. Please check back as star ratings are subject to change at any time.
S.U. Start-up. Institutions that are too new to rate. As a general rule, an institution will receive its first Bauer star-rating after it has been in business for approximately 2.5 years.
N.R. Credit Unions that are not rated because either: they have less than $1.5 million in assets OR are not NCUA insured.
FDIC Bank has failed and/or is operating under FDIC conservatorship. No longer rated by BauerFinancial.
RSLVD Credit Unions that have been resolved or liquidated since the reporting date. No longer rated by BauerFinancial.
In addition to the capital ratio, other criteria are used to determine the BauerFinancial™ Star-Rating. Some of these include but are not limited to: profitability/loss trend, evaluating the level of delinquent loans, charge-offs and repossessed assets, the market versus book value of the investment portfolio, regulatory supervisory agreements, the community reinvestment rating (CRA), historical data and liquidity.

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Community First Bank is locally owned and operated, serving Fairview Heights, Swansea, Belleville, O'Fallon, Shiloh, the Metro-East and
the St. Louis region. Go to Hud.gov in separate window Go to FDIC.gov in separate window

Address: 4600 North Illinois Street, Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Located at the corner of Route 159 & Frank Scott Parkway
Phone: (618) 234-9500 Fax: (618) 234-9585